Best After Sales Service in Kathmandu Valley

Any machine, no matter how expensive it is or how big it is, requires repair and maintenance after the usage for a long period. Be it any kind of electronic appliance, the wear and tear of parts and reduction of efficiency is a general problem. However, there is a more problematic issue than just having your appliance broken or damaged. It is that one does not find a perfect place to repair, maintain and get help for your electronics and home appliances, that too at a very reasonable cost. Dishant Service Centre does exactly that for you! You can buy a variety of electronic appliances from LG, Samsung, Whirlpool, Sony, Diakin etc., for both home and official use, and get absolutely brilliant after-sales services and benefits. We have a history of serving clients with the best cost- effective ways related to after-sales and customer service. We are constantly upgrading and adapting to trending after-sales services in electronics industry. We specialize in:
– Solution based services
– Design based services
– Machine to machine based services using communication channels, both wired and wireless
You can always contact us or visit our shop for more information on after- sales services and benefits. Get help from the best in the business, we are only one call away!

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