Exchange Happiness

Usually once you buy any home or office appliances, you look for some kind of guarantee from the seller, regarding exchange facilities in future. And that’s where our service comes along! It could be professional help on maintaining the appliances well, or to provide best exchange value for your electronic appliances, if you want in future . Bring your old and used appliances like washing machines, LED televisions, refrigerators, air conditioners and others as well, and we will give you the best value for them, as well as provide exchange facilities with our brand new ones.


Bring your old television models and exchange it with the brand new television models of LG. We will inspect your television and give you its best valuation, then you can add the remaining amount of money for your new tv.

You can visit different LG electronics dealer for the model number of the television you want to buy. We will give you the best deal you had not expected.

You can also directly contact our hotline: 014357264 for more info.

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