Repair and Spare Parts

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LED Television

For any problem in Led tv, we are there for you. Led, Smart, Lcd television repair and spare parts available in same place.

Washing Machine

All type of problem (pump, inlet valve,PCB, drain pipe, motor) in washing machine are analyzed and repaired by our experienced team.

Air Conditioner

Air conditioner grills, pipes, brackets, compressor, etc are available in our shop. Home service is also available.


Repair and Maintenance along with spare parts like compressor, motor kit, condenser fan, defrost heater, drain heat probe, etc


Best service center in Kathmandu for your home appliances. Contact for Parts like cord, wand, motor, hose, belt, filter, etc.

Microwave Oven

Reliable repair for your microwave oven in nepal. Spare parts ( wave guide, transformer, magnetron tube, cooking cavity,etc )

Home Theatre

Perfect repair centre for your home theatre and audio systems. Genuine accessories in our shop.

Other Home Appliances

To get technical support for other home appliances , you may


Are you looking for a reliable appliance repair company for your home or office can be a difficult task? DS Centre is a company specifically focused for homes and small business customers. We are professional, efficient, and will get it done right the first time because of more than 10 years of experience in this field. So we can service a wide range of home appliances and provide maintenance agreement options. Our prices are competitive and we will work for your satisfaction.


DISHANT SERVICE CENTRE known for supplying top quality Spare parts and accessories for the home appliances. After proper study of the problem in machines, we may come across the situation in which we may have to change some parts of the machines. So we have all the necessary spares and accessories needed in the electronics appliances we repair. Connected with the brands such as LG, CG, SAMSUNG, WHIRPOOL, etc, we not only supply to the individuals and organizations but also sell spares to other service center.

For further informations, please check out the list of spares and accessories and please contact-us if you require any of the spares and the accessories or have any questions regarding it. We are always ready to help you.

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